25th, January 2019 & 1st February 2019

25 Jan 2019 Indian Central School, Jleeb Al Shuyoukh

01 Feb 2019 Carmel School, Khaitan

15th Edition Sargotsav 2019

By MACEAA Kuwait Chapter

The desire to provide KEF children an exclusive platform to showcase their artistic talents paved the way to commence SARGOTSAV on a children's day in 1999. By conducting SARGOTSAV, MACEAA intends to bring together KEF children in a single large cultural event which would aid to improve their creativity, expressiveness, observation power, appreciation and personal development through artwork besides inculcating the values of team work.

Over the years, SARGOTSAV has grown in size and ambition. With over 25 individual items and 3 group events, SARGOTSAV has now blossomed into a major cultural event on the KEF calendar.

The 15th Edition of MACEAA Inter KEF Alumni Children's Arts Festival - SARGOTSAV 2019 will be conducted on two consecutive Fridays. Day I events on 25th Jan 2019 at Indian Central School, Jleeb Al Shuyoukh and Day II events on 1st Feb 2019 at Carmel School, Khaitan.

The registrations for individual events shall be done exclusively through the KEF Website (Sargotsav 2019 Online Registration). The registration shall start in first week of December 2018 and end on 25th Dec 2018.

Links to Sargotsav 2019 resources:

  1. Guidelines for Online Registration

  2. Participants Registration (Last Date : 25th Dec 2018)

  3. Events Details

  4. Rules & Regulations

  5. Day 1 (25th January) - Special Instructions

  6. Day 2 (1st February) - Solo Events - Special Instructions

  7. Day 2 (1st February) - Group Events - Special Instructions

  8. Schedule - Categorywise

  9. Schedule - Stagewise

  10. Events Convenors

  11. F.A.Q

  12. Route Map - Day I Venue - Indian Central School, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh

  13. Route Map - Day II Venue - Carmel School, Khaitan

  14. Results - Winners

  15. Results - A Graders

  16. Feedback Form