@Cambridge English School, Mangaf

Trishna is the annual inter alumni quiz organized by NITCAA Kuwait for KEF members and their families. The idea was to have a programme that is informative, entertaining and above all widening the knowledge base among the KEF fraternity by reviving the habit of reading which has started dwindling due to the onslaught of TV and Internet. TRISHNA, “the quest for knowledge” was accepted among the KEF fraternity instantly and is celebrated yearly as the “Joy of Knowledge”.


Trishna had a humble beginning in 2007 and has since grown by leaps and bounds. It is a professionally organized half day programme presented by a leading quiz master from Karnataka Quiz Association, Bangalore, India, and is primarily meant for the school going children and the family of KEF members. On Friday, 22nd April, 2016, we are celebrating the 10th year of Trishna in all its grandeur, at the Cambridge English School, Mangaf with a special event to mark the milestone. Be there to witness history being written. Trishna is now a festival rather than just an event in the KEF calendar.