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KEF Onam 2011

KEF Onam 2011

on October 14th, at AIS Hawally

KEF presents before you a world fast losing from our memory lane. You will taste the multi colored facets of our varied culture, from Kathakali ,Ottanthullal to Kolkkali; see the evoking lights, shadows and silhouettes; listen to the nostalgic scene of monsoon rain pattering in our backyards and in our hearts - through various dance, music and fusion forms; experience the transcendence of our own roots in the course of skits and visualizations of classics like Ramanan ; and enjoy the lighthearted pleasantries our entertainers present, including the Disney trip. It is a journey of edutainment educating at the same time entertaining. Be with us, bless us and be blessed!

Dear friends,

May I take this opportunity to thank one and all of you for the support and prayers extended to the arts committee for KEF Onam 2011. As you all know we had real scarcity to get enough participants due to tight exam schedule. In spite of the constraints, I hope, we have managed to conduct a good show. I thank all of you for making KEF Onam 2011 a grand success.

Our GC and the whole KEF executive committee were giving very good support to our team.

This year we had a very nostalgic theme “Rain” and the seasons. Having bored with monotonous programme patterns, our team decided to try out different styles in programmes such as light and sound show, which has no dialogue, and with a very simple theme to highlight the potential of light and sound effects, the traditional art forms like Kolkkali, Ottanthullal etc. In the mean time we have not omitted with the taste of international flavor as well as contemporary styles. Our skits are limited within 30 minutes and tried to satisfy interests of all classes of audiences.

“Ramanan” as a poem is known to everyone. “ Kaanana Chayayil Aadumekkan”………….. The significance of Raman as Kerala is celebrating the poet’s birth century, KEF fraternity also should do something to remember the poet. We hope we were able to present a good show of “Raman”.

Hope all of you have enjoyed the performance of live professional orchestra who were doing filler works between the main programmes. We have planned to do a main classical piece with thaniaavarthanam for the classical lovers, tribute to Johnson master and Gireesh puthecheri for the film song lovers, western pieces from Final countdown etc. etc. to make it more enjoyable.

The group music was something different from what we have been hearing for years. The song was written and composed exclusively for KEF by Mr. sunil cheriyan. Thanks to Roni cheriyan for helping to shape the song even though we missed her on stage. Soni francis, Hareesh, Binu and team provided excellent support for the orchestration and coordination. Appreciate all the singers for delivering a live song without much problem.

This year, we were keen on light effects, which was arranged from a real professional team and managed with a dedicated lighting technician.

We tried to present the introduction of Mahabali in a little different style too. My team supported me to do experiments.

Our children did wonderful job on stage. All of them performed well. Hearty congratulations to all my beloved kids.

Break dancers were busy with exams, however they managed to perform nicely on stage.

Thanks to \\\"Kaikotikkali \\\"team for giving a lovely traditional feast with elegant style. Poornima has once agian prooved her talents.

Shabnam, Priya and team did a wonderful job. With great effort they gathered about 70 plus kids on stage beautifully. I really appreciate the pain they have taken to execute such a mind-blowing cartoon show. Our children must be able to experience their favorite characters live on stage. The gigantic dragon by Ajith, Suja and Meera was surprising. Many many thanks to all of them. Justin and team did wonderful craft work to materialize the lively cartoon characters.

Our team put a stepping stone in KEF to develop some prominent properties in house for the show. KEF has immense talents to do such jobs and I really experienced how they enjoy doing it. The perfection what I received for Ottanthullal Kireedom by Ajith and Kathakali Kireedom, Disney character masks etc. by Justin was really wonderful. It is much ahead of the so called professional talents what is available in Kuwait. Once again thanks to all of them.

Our Kolkkali team was rocking. Kolkkali and Ramanan were the two teams having daily practices. Really appreciate the dedication what they have shown towards the item. Thanks a lot to santhosh vincent and team.

I was much happy to see our Veteran performers rocking on stage with a lovely Hindi song. The ovation of the audience shows how much they grabbed the hearts of audience. Thanks to all of you.

Grace and Sheetal did a wonderful show with our tiny tots. It was really a great work with excellence.

We have got an in house Salsa trainer Mr. Ajay form AECK who did a wonderful job on stage. I apologize for the mistake happened in the song played on stage which caused them little difficulty to perform.

Thanks to TAP dance team and Shani for giving a professional contemporary dance.

Two beautiful ladies, Anjana Koshy and Girija Ravinath were really leading our programmes in a very professional manner. Thanks to both of you.

Thanks to the comedians of Kerala café, matured actors of Asparsham etc. etc. for presenting a wonderful skit.

And finally thanks a lot for all our “Chullans”………. Who were rocking on stage at the end.

I cannot forget few names such as Jyothish, Subramaniam, Sreejith, Santhosh, Gijo, vinod, Rajagopal, Abdu, Pushpalal, Johny chirayath, Rajeev, Arun, Liju, Prince, Saheer, Biju, Jinesh, Joe, etc. etc. etc.……. for giving me excellent support.

There are lot more names in the list which I cannot forget for giving me countless support and help. Thanks to all of them.

KEF Arts is a team work. I was really lucky to manage a wonderful arts team. Thanks to all my team members. I could able to feel light and relax as each and every one of Arts team was performing their job nicely.

Finally thanks to each and every one of you for giving excellent encouragement for each items presented on stage.

I really beg your pardon for any mistakes happened from my side by knowingly or unknowingly.

I am much obliged to all of you for giving me a chance to do a small work for KEF Onam 2011.

With Love and Regards

Shemej Kumar K.K

KEF Arts Convener

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