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Kuwait Engineers Forum (KEF)

2nd KEF Technical Seminar Meeting

KEF Technical Seminar

Presentation - 1

Title: Earned Value Management Basics
Earned Value Management (EVM) is an excellent tool to monitor the project performance and measure the project progress. When applied, EVM effectively provides an early warning signal to the Management / Team on the project performance and accurately forecasts the likely performance based on trend. The presentation will talk on the basics of Earned Value Management and how it can be applied to projects.

Speaker: Mr.Asif S. Kadiwala


Presentation - 2

Title: Fundamentals of Contract
Definition of contracts
Difference between contract and agreement
Elements of contracts
Classification of terms: conditions, warranties and representations
Implied terms: terms implied in fact and terms implied in law
Misrepresentation, mistake, duress and undue influence, incapacity, and illegal contracts
Breach:  Minor, Material, Fundamental, and Anticipatory 
Remedies for breach: Damages, Specific performance, and Procedure
Civil Law and Common Law

Speaker: Mr.Giri V. M.